Daequinjamin “Bugga” Williams

Currently serving a 45-year sentence for murder based on flawed evidence and false testimony. Another inmate has confessed to the crime. 



  • The sole witness to the crime, Ina Egenriether, could not identify the killer in her initial witness statement (See Witness Statement 1 (PDF)), and identified Mr. Williams only later at the instigation of another party, Daniel Roberts. (See Witness Statement 2 (PDF))
  • Testimony of Daniel Roberts at Mr. Williams’ trial was given in exchange for a reduction in Mr. Roberts’ jail sentence. (See Motion for Reduction of Sentence (PDF))
  • The only physical evidence that could link Mr. Williams to the scene of the crime, paint samples taken from his car, did not match the samples taken at the crime scene.  (See HPD Report (PDF))
  • In 2011, Andrew Toler, already serving life in prison for a separate crime, confessed to the murder, then recanted in 2012 when other inmates reportedly told him he could get the death penalty if he continued with the confession. (See Affidavit and Letter (PDF))